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Youth Football Playbook
Youth Football Playbook

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Youth Football Plays

This downloadable playbook is designed to teach basic youth football to young players while executing a variety of plays. The core football play are run plays inside the tackle. These plays require blocking upfront and the goal is to execute 3-4 yards, only. Being able to execute a basic run play between the tackles is essential for youth football. It not only is an effective play, but it teaches everyone on the team that all positions are important. Once the basic run plays are executed, the playbook expands upon these plays and includes sweeps, reverses and simple pass plays.

This playbook provides the foundation to run a successful offense utilizing only a couple formations, but running a variety of plays. This keeps the offense simple to teach and learn, and focuses on the fundamentals of football. Simple football plays, simple terminology, promotes teaching the fundamentals of football, and if used will make your season successful. Running simple plays is the key to successfully teaching youth football. If executed properly
  • 11 Football Plays - Off Tackle Plays, Sweeps, Pass and Reverses
    6 Formations: Pro Set, Power, and I-Formation